Sarah Quita on Fire in the Canaries

Sarah Quita on Fire in the Canaries
Sarah-Quita loves the Canary Islands and is one of the most dedicated sailors there each year, putting in the time it takes to become comfortable with the crazy conditions that Pozo is famous for. Having been at home for a few months, she is excited to start planning her summer and put together this video of her memories from last year!
I have been in Aruba 4 months now and I have freestyled quite a bit. Which of course I love, but I recently received my new Neilpryde Combats and I started day dreaming about wave sailing immediately!
I had an awesome summer in the Canaries last year where I learned a lot and also crashed a lot.
The conditions are extreme. Sometimes the conditions take you down, other times you are in tune and you just excel!
And those are the days I LOVE being on the water.
I compiled my best clips to motivate myself for the upcoming months.

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