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  • Neilpryde

    a Legacy

    Pioneering innovation in both windsurf sail development as well as waterwear and accessories made for wind-watersports, Neilpryde as a brand has built a legacy over the past decades and continues to do so…

  • Where it all began

    Grounded in a passion for sailing Neilpryde was actually founded by no one less than a guy called Neil Pryde – a passionate sailor, starting the business with yacht sail development.

    With this knowledge 1970 marked the year Neilpryde began to focus on windsurf sail development. With its knowledge so deeply rooted in developing the best and fastest, most innovative sails, it was no surprise that the same applied to out sails. 

  • Neilpryde

    A Lifestyle

    Neilpryde is what it is through the successes that team riders are able to achieve while using Neilpryde rigs bur also waterwear and accessories. Only by keeping and nurturing these strong bonds to our community, understanding their needs, hearing their feedback can we at Neilpryde ensure to bring you the best product, made for purpose.

  • Championing the race

    Neilpryde’s aim is to champion the race, as competition proves our products’ superior engineering, innovation and durability and with that seals our promise to our customers, from the athletes to the occasional watersports practitioner , to deliver products tailored to deliver to their expections – but above that aiming to let them have fun on the water.

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