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2020 ZONE

2020 ZONE

The new Serene womens Wetsuit

A refreshed start

NeilPryde merges Windsurf & Waterwear

As of 2018 NeilPryde Windsurf and NeilPryde Waterwear merge back under one umbrella brand: NeilPryde. 

Fastest Windsurfer in the World

Antoine Albeau

On Sunday, November 1st 2015, French windsurf legend Antoine Albeau bettered his own world record, achieving 53.27 knots while speed sailing in Luderitz, Namibia, in a custom-built 'ditch' designed to offer the perfect water conditions.

Official Rig Distributor

London Olympics

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Olympics 2008

RS:X board accepted by the ISAF

NeilPryde RS:X board accepted by ISAF as the official One Design board for the 2008 Olympic Games.


Launch of Cabrinha Kitesurfing

In order to get a footprint in the growing kitesurf sports and further diversify the business, NeilPryde partners up with Pete Cabrinha to launch Cabrinha Kitesurf.

A new board brand in the portfolio

JP Australia kicks off

To further grow the offer of the company, the separate board brand JP Australia is created.

Growing the business

NeilPryde Waterwear launches

NeilPryde starts manufacturing neoprene wetsuits under its brand name.

Olympics Barcelona

NeilPryde is official windsurf rig supplier

NeilPryde successfully supplies the Olympic Windsurf rigs for the Barcelona Olympics.


NeilPryde #1 Windsurf Brand

Pushed by the ongoing growth in windsurf as well as by its brand leadership, NeilPryde grows to become the number 1 brand in windsurf across Europe.

Focus on Windsurf

NeilPryde Brand is established

Seeing the business opportunity in windsurf, Neil Pryde decided to focus on building his own windsurfing brand.

Building a Legacy

NeilPryde - The Beginning

Neil Pryde, a new Zealand native and olympic sailor living in Hong Kong, starts his business manufacturing yacht sails.


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