Foiling Frenzy

Foiling Frenzy

One discipline - all the possible gear you might need for your ideal take off.
That foiling sensation is a hard one to beat. From your first take off to that silent, stable glide. The exhilaration of pulling a fully flying gybe. Not to mention the mind blowing possibilities of power freestyle tricks in next to no wind up to 30+ knots. Once tasted, you’ll be hooked forever just like our windsurfing team.

NeilPryde and JP have the gear to get your foil game on, no matter your level, no matter the conditions. It doesn't matter on which level you are foiling, whether you are looking for speed or just want to cruise comfortably. But one thing is for sure, we want you to have unconditional fun, easy handling and feel safe at all times. All our freeride boards are foilable or you can choose between our full-on foil products like the Hydrofoil board, Freefoil board, FreeFlight, V8 Flight or Evo Flight sails. The choice is yours.

Check out our team enjoying the serenity of South Africa while flying over the water!

Riders: Sam, Yentel, Anton, Nico P, Greta, Sebastian

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