The NeilPryde mast range is designed following the Progressive Flex concept and so when used with a NeilPryde sail they have the correct shaping, twist and ability to remain stable in variable conditions.

All NeilPryde mast models of the same length will have the same bend curve. This means you are not limited to a particular mast model to match your sail. The curve will only differ across different mast lengths, regardless of the model (TPX100, SPX90-95, SPX65). Our shorter masts are close to ‘flex-top curve’ while longer masts are closer to ‘constant curve’ - this is why we call it the Progressive Flex.

The distance from the bottom of the mast to the boom is relatively constant between all mast lengths. On short masts the boom head is connected at a higher point than on longer masts. To compensate for much less ‘flexing length’ above the boom, short masts will have a softer top section compared to long ones as there is much more sail area above the boom that needs to be supported by the mast.

Since sails are designed around specific mast bend curves, we recommend using a NeilPryde mast with a NeilPryde sail as you will get the maximum performance out of your rig.