Cape Town Magic

Cape Town Magic

After a very successful 2022 photoshoot last year with a lot of positive feedback, the team returned to Cape Town in February to shoot windsurf freeride, freestyle, freerace, SUP and of course winging!

As always Cape Town is a guarantee, whether in terms of (nuclear) winds, waves and especially the untouchable beauty of the country.

Sebastian Kornum, Yentel Caers, Marco Lufen

Anton Richter

Riccardo and Sebastiano Zorzi

For the first time we had our new wing team on site in combo with the old guns of the windsurfing team - which was very important for us as a brand to unify both of our teams. As always the shooting days were very long and exhausting but full of good vibes and maximum performance from all riders and the media team.

Kylie Belloeuvre

Vinicius Martin

The team was primarily based in Langebaan and we shot primarily in the surrounding areas for all flat-water.

Cape Town spots like Sunset Beach and of course legendary spots on the world famous Cape, between Plat Boom Misty Cliffs and Scarborough. Of course there were also some secret spots that have been newly discovered...check out yourself in our videos and shots!


Sam Esteve

Yentel Caers

Sebastian Kornum and Nico Prien

Greta Marchegger and Nico Prien

But as always, a picture is worth a thousand we'll let the pictures do the talking. 😊 😊 😊

Here is a sail comparison video Nico Prien made from the trip. We are sure you'll be able to see why we love South Africa so much!


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