Double Victory at PWA Fuerteventura!

Double Victory at PWA Fuerteventura!
Congratulations to Our Amazing Freestyle Team On Top Of The World!!

What an incredible finale to the Rene Egli PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle World Cup. It was one of the most exciting events ever and we couldn’t be prouder of the performances of everyone on the team. The level of dedication that it takes to perfect so many mind blowing moves and to be able to pull them off during such short heats is astounding. 🔥 🙌

Massive congratulations to Sarah Quita for winning the women’s freestyle and clenching her 14th Freestyle World Title. Sarah-Quita was unstoppable and won every heat that she sailed, pulling through some nervous moments to put on her best freestyle competition performances ever. 🥇 🍾
Some words from Sarah-Quita:
"I'm so extremely happy to take the win and the Worldtitle here at World Cup Fuerteventura.

Nervous day for me today, but right before my heat I managed to calm down and tell myself to enjoy what I love doing most. I'm really happy with the moves I did in my heat. Thanks Maaike Huvermann for another great final and congrats Oda Johanne for 3rd place.

Thank you to my sponsors for supporting me non-stop in my windsurfing adventures and ambitions

And to my family, friends and supporters THANK YOU for your encouragement during this Marathon of an event!

Okay. Need a break now!!"

Huge congratulations also to @yentel_b16 for winning his first PWA World Cup event, coming back from 3rd place in the single elimination to win the super final and posting the highest heat scores of both the single and double eliminations. ⚡️ 🔥

Years of training and dedication came together today and as Yentel said:
“Sometimes dreams do come true.”

If you missed the action, you can relive every minute of the marathon Grand Slam event on the PWA YouTube channel, and it’s well worth checking out!!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this special event happen, it has been a pleasure to watch!!

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