Sarah-Quita Wins PWA Slalom Fuerteventura!

Sarah-Quita Wins PWA Slalom Fuerteventura!
Congratulations Sarah-Quita!! What an incredible event  we couldn’t be prouder!!!
WHAT a week !! 🤯
I am over the moon to take the win here @worldcupfuerteventura in the slalom division.
I think this is one of the highlights of my entire career🤩

It was a blast competing in Fuerteventura and battling it out with the best women in the world. I’ve sailed the best races of my life!
A couple of times I won the races and other times my best wasn’t enough! What a rollercoaster 😅

Thanks to everyone helping me here and there and sending encouragement. I really appreciate your support♥️

Up next ? Freestyle. Here we goooo🌪️

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