Kids Camp at Pro Center Prasonisi

Kids Camp at Pro Center Prasonisi
From August 5th to 13th, 2023, twelve enthusiastic young windsurfers participated in an unforgettable Kids Camp with the latest gear from NeilPryde and JP-Australia. Over seven days, they conquered various wind conditions, ranging from gentle foiling breezes to thrilling 30-knots freestyle conditions, ensuring something for everyone.
Under the expert guidance of experienced freestyle pro Marco Lufen and windsurf coach Hendrik Holzhauer, each child honed their windsurfing skills, achieving remarkable progress and new-found confidence.
Beyond the water, we savored the Greek ambiance, culminating our days at the Pro Center Prasonisi, relishing local cuisine and breathtaking scenery.
With beaming smiles and renewed motivation, all the kids returned home eager to showcase their enhanced windsurfing skills to friends on their local waters.
Stay tuned for future adventures with JP-Australia and NeilPryde an more Kids Camps to come!

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