RS:RACING EVOXIII builds on the success of the most winning sail of 2021.

With racing competition formats and courses evolving towards a mix of Slalom and Foiling, we wanted to be sure to be ahead of the game last year, and the EVOXII delivered.

EVOXII won the 2021 IFCA World Championships with Enrico Marotti at the helm, the 2021 PWA Women's Slalom World Title with Sarah-Quita Offringa at the helm and the fastest speed at the Luderitz Speed Challenge with Hans Kreisel at the helm.

The final prototypes of EVOXIII powered Antoine Albeau to victory at the 2021 Defi Wind / PWA Superstars event.

EVOXIII keeps all the major aspects of the sail the same, the luff curve, sail shaping and main outline, but we refined the foot of the sail to ensure complete closure of the gap between sail and board and slightly tweaked the leading edge to make the sail even more aerodynamic.

Racing Redefined once again.

Size: 4.8