RS:X User Guide

RS:X User Guide

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Repair Instructions for Minor Board Damage 

1. Dry the damaged board and hole sector.
2. Using 80 to 120 sanding paper sand around the hole.
3. Fill the hole with dense putty (Epoxy and Micro Balloons)
4. Once cured, sand with 80 to 120 sanding paper.
5. Laminate 2 slightly different size glass or carbon fabric patches (fabric weight around 160gr) with Epoxy.
6. Once cured, apply some putty (Epoxy + micro balloons) over the glass or carbon patches.
7. Once cured, sand surface carefullywith 100 to 120 sanding paper.
8. Fill pin holes with polyester filler (like Bondo).
9. Sand wet with 400 wet sanding paper.
10. Spray primer (facultative).
11. Sand wet with 400 to 800 wet sanding paper.
12. Paint. (Grey pantone :877 C / Gold pantone 871 C / White matt)
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