The Movement

CR:X goes beyond the gear and competition. Our vision is to create a kite movement which will bring together people from all over the world with a common goal of kiting, having fun and setting challenges. To enable this vision to develop we will be setting up local chapters and ambassadors.


We are setting up Chapters with individual ambassadors, local associations and clubs. The Chapters will be run by individual ambassadors, sailing associations or club, and will support training, races and freeriding at their local kite beaches and sailing spots. With the help of Chapters, the class will run local, regional, national and international events to include all levels and abilities.

Chapters = Community.


The Ambassador is the torchbearer, the person that leads Chapter members for race training, weekly events, long distance races and fun introductory days. The aim is to give kiters an outlet to join together, share, look after each other on and off the water and help spread the word about our sport. CR:X is here to encourage inclusivity and accessibility, to grow the community and, most importantly, to put new feet on boards and get people enjoying kite boarding.

Chapters = Fun and Inclusive.

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