Welcome back Morgan!

Welcome back Morgan!

Herewith we would like to officially welcome Morgan Noireaux back to the NeilPryde Team!

The 3xAloha Classic Winner, known for his fluid style is unmistakable at Ho’okipa and we very much look forward to watching him work wonders with our sails this year.

Pics by Fishbowldiaries / Jimmie Hepp / Si Crowther 

NeilPryde: Hi Morgan, welcome back to the team. How does it feel to be back with us?

Morgan: Neilpryde was my very first sail sponsor when I was 11 or 12 years old. It's really exciting to be back, as I have a ton of great memories from my previous time with Neilpryde and I know how well all of the gear works. Robert is an amazing sail designer so I'm incredibly happy to be using his sails again. 

NeilPryde: What were your main reasons to join the NeilPryde team again?

Morgan: I've been happy on the JP team for a long time. NeilPryde approached me with the opportunity to rejoin the team and it felt like the right fit. I think the Neilpryde and JP combo will be great to help me grow as a sailor in the coming years.


NeilPryde: What does the brand NeilPryde mean to you?

Morgan: When I think about Neilpryde I think about Jason, Antoine and a lot of other great sailors I admire. Neilpryde has a long legacy of quality equipment and legendary riders. 


NeilPryde: Besides wave riding, which other disciplines you practice?

Morgan: I am looking forward to trying out the Neilpryde foils. Other than that I love waves. When there's no waves on Maui I go find more waves. Does jumping count?

NeilPryde: What do you expect from the upcoming season?

Morgan: This season is shaping up to be a lot of fun. My first trip of the year is to Australia which is somewhere I've never been before. I am looking forward to being part of the Neilpryde shoot again, and I'm also looking forward to another great year participating on the IWT and PWA!


We wish Morgan all the best for the upcoming season and are looking forward to see him back in the water ripping monster waves on our gear. 

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