Yentel Caers takes victory at EFPT Vesoul

Yentel Caers takes victory at EFPT Vesoul
Massive Congratulations Yentel! We are all very proud of you!
From the EFPT:
"Yentel Caers absolutely dominated the competition, not even getting his hair wet until the very last run. After the perfect 10 he received during the qualification round, he went for another Double Air Culo in the Regular category of the final. Going off the judges scale, he basically planed out of the move, casually waving at the crowds that erupted. When rejoining the other riders on the waiting platform, his only comment was that "if yesterday's was a 10, then this must have been a 12!". Filling up the rest of the scoresheet with equally impressive moves, the Belgian comfortably claimed first place."

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