Sarah-Quita Takes 2nd Place in Fiji Surf Pro!

Sarah-Quita Takes 2nd Place in Fiji Surf Pro!
Massive congratulations to Sarah-Quita Ofrringa for taking 2nd place in the incredible PWA/IWT 5 Star Fiji Surf Pro at Cloudbreak last week!
The historic event took place at Cloudbreak in Fiji from June 1st to June 11th.
Here are some words from Sarah-Quita!
"Sailing at Cloudbreak has been very special and something that I can now tick off the bucket list!
I was actually very nervous to get in the water. I haven’t been in such big conditions since Maui 2019 and I felt I was very outside of my comfort zone. 
I only got on the water for the first time 30 minutes before my heat, I watched the other heat so that I could line myself up and just took it from there.
In my first heat I was quite careful, but slowly started feeling really excited. How incredible is it we get this spot to ourselves?
I made it to the next round and final and was feeling more comfortable.
My first wave was my highest scoring wave, and of the heat, I only realised how big it was when it took me longer than normal to get to the bottom!
Feeling the energy of the wave behind me really got the adrenaline pumping and from there I rode the wave the best I could and tried to stay in the pocket like I saw the guys do.
8.23 ! After that I got two back up scores and felt good so I went out back to wait for a big set.
Unfortunately when this big set came in the last seconds I froze because it felt so big! What a bummer. I should have taken the chance because right before I saw that Sarah Nailed the wave she had with three powerful turns. Having said that… I am incredibly grateful for coming to Fiji and having this chance of competing at such an iconic spot with some of the best riders in the world. I’m leaving this event with a 2nd place and feeling extremely inspired!"

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