Welcome to the Family Marino Gil!!

Welcome to the Family Marino Gil!!
We are very happy to announce the arrival of Marino Gil to our International Windsurfing Team. Marino is one of the most talented and passionate young windsurfers on the planet and we can't wait to see where he takes our gear! 
Welcome Marino!!!
Marino about joining the team:
"Makes me so proud to join this team with a lot of history and top riders in it! They inspire me to keep pushing my level and jump into the next step of windsurfing! It’s all about being part of a passionate team, with strong values on and off the water, driven by the desire to give the best we can to our sport!"
We are very excited and proud to have such a talented rider and inspiring person  on board, literally! Looking forward to many adventures together!
Images: @rafasoulart // @albertoosoriano // @erikaederphotography

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