PWA Constructors Champions 2023

PWA Constructors Champions 2023
We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to our amazing team of athletes, our head product designer, Robert Stroj and our entire design team.
2023 was a year filled with exciting events and nail-biting finishes and we are thrilled to announce that thanks to our team riders' performances across all disciplines, NeilPryde was crowned 2023 Constructors Champion.
Robby and Sarah-Quita on the podium in Fiji
Enrico Winning Gran Canaria, and the slalom team putting on an incredible performance.
Sarah-Quita and Yentel dominate Fuerteventura Freestyle
Sarah-Quita wins Fuerte Slalom.
Sarah-Quita and Yentel 2023 Freestyle World Champions!

PWA Constructors Championship Rankings are based on results from PWA events to date in Waves, Slalom and Freestyle.

In each discipline, at each World Cup event, each brand will count the highest 2 finishing places for their team whether they are from the men's fleet, the women's fleet, or a mix of the two.

This will give a total of 2 scores which will be added together to calculate the brands’ score in that discipline, at that event.

The points in each discipline, from each event shall be added together, to create a board manufacturers ranking list and a sail manufacturers ranking list for each discipline.

The discipline ranking lists shall then be combined equally to create Overall Champions in each of the Board and Sail manufacturers divisions.

Each World Cup event counts toward the relevant discipline rankings. The discipline rankings are then combined equally to create the overall constructors rankings, the leader of which, at the end of the year is the Constructors Champion.

Rankings will be calculated in each new season after the second event is completed and then after each individual event.

Men and Women

1st 30 points
2nd 24 points
3rd 18 points
4th 16 points
5th 14 points
6th 12 points
7th 10 points
8th 9 points
9th 8 points
10th 7 points
11th 6 points
12th 5 points
13th 4 points
14th 3 points
15th 2 points
16th 1 points

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