Manu Bouvet

Manu Bouvet



Current place of residence:

Maui Hawaii




NeilPryde / Bic Sport / Oxbow


wave / travel


I grew up in France and learnt to windsurf at an early age. When I was 21 I finished my business degree and travelled to Maui. All I had in mind at that time was to be able to work in a place close to the ocean where I could windsurf.

I started a travel agency specialized in windsurf packages that gave me the opportunity to windsurf every afternoon or so. After a few years I saw the opportunity to become a pro windsurfer and got enrolled with NeilPryde in 1999. I already had the travel bug in me.

Together with Carine we started travelling with our windsurf stuff before coming to Maui. We used to drive from Brittany to Portugal, Tarifa or Morocco and spend the summer windsurfing our brains out!  Once we both turned pro it felt just natural to keep doing the same thing, just going a little further, to more remote places. After a few years, our search for perfect waves became a life style that took us from Zanzibar to Sri Lanka, from Mozambique to Timor or from the Chagos Islands to Sultanate of Oman bringing back travel stories that got publish all over the world.

Today, after many years on the road, my appetite for uncrowded and perfect windsurf conditions is as strong as ever. It matches my desire to experience new culture, reach remote territories and connect with people. Along the road I became the dad of 2 girls; Lou (soon to be 7) and Shadé (7months old) who are great travel partners. Our path became a great opportunity to bring up a more conscious worldview that grew thru the years. As a pro windsurfer it is hard not to see the tremendous challenges that the environment is facing today and I hope that thru our reports and video production we can, if not be of some help, at least bring awareness to the situation.

Windsurfing is the best sport in the world; there is no better way to feel true freedom and the raw power of Mother Nature. Keep searching!

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