Alex Seyss

Alex Seyss



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JP Australia, Neilpryde, NP


Freestyle, Wave


1st Austrian Championship Tow-In 2011, 1st Austrian Freestyle Tour Fuerteventura 2011, 2nd Stehsegelrevue 48hrs analysis of a real windsurfer, 2nd RRD AS Get-2gether 2009, 2nd Haweiden Freestyle Battle 2008, 3rd Austrian Championship Tow-In 2012, Finishing Uni ;)


What are your plans for the next year?
First of all I am going to Cape Town and maybe Cape Verde last minute; compete at national and international contests; edit a few short clips of my journeys; ...

When did you realize windsurfing would become your life?
I knew I would never ever stop windsurfing again when i was planning for the first time.

What something outside of windsurfing are you interested in?
Freeride Skiing, Surfing, Tennis, Editing small movies, taking pictures and the post production of them, meeting friends, …

What’s the best thing about your lifestyle/sport?
Every day on the water is different…it can never get boring!

What does it mean to you to be a TeamPryde rider?
it is an honour to be part of TeamPryde; you get perfect support and ride the best gear

What do you want more than anything?
i don´t want to miss family and friends

Describe your best water experience.
There have been many perfect water experiences and it is hard to choose one. One of the best was sailing at blue lagoon for the first time with a bunch of friends. Another was finding a perfect down-the-line wave with side - side-offshore wind at the adriatic sea and being there all alone with mates.

Who or what inspires you?
I think i get inspired by things that happen around me … it can be someone busting out a sick move or someone just having fun on the water,  on the other side it can be the silence you can find in the mountains or some creative work of others (pics, videos, paintings, …)

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