Morgan Noireaux

Morgan Noireaux

Full Name      

Morgan Noireaux        

Date of Birth  


Place of birth 

Vannes, France

Home Town Now      

Haiku, Maui, HI

Instagram Handle      


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177lb (80kg)

Marital Status


Windsurfing/SUP/Foiling/Winging Since     

I started windsurfing around 2001 when I was 7 years old. I tried foil for the first time in 2017 I think but only started winging last year.

Main Disciplines        

Wave sailing

Favourite Board        

JP Ultimate wave. I've been loving the new Magic wave as well but the Ultimate wave is reall the perfect board for the condtions I most like to sail in.

Favourite Sail or Wing          

I've been using the Combat for the past year and I've really fallen in love with it. Prior to this I used the Zone and Fly which are great but the Combat just works in every sort of wind imaginable. Doesn't matter if it's onshore, offshore, windy or light, I always know it's going to work.

Favourite Foil Setup  

I just got the new NP Glide surf foil for winging. I actually haven't tried it yet but I've heard a lot of good things about it! I have tried the NP Glide wind and loved that one. 

Most Memorable Competition Experiences

I think the first time I won the Aloha Classic will always be my best competition experience. Not only the fact that I won but the direction it has led me in my life.

Competition experience you would most like to forget     

I like to think you learn from every loss or event and there's always something to take out of it but a few years ago I had multiple events in a row where my gear did not arrive. I would much rather lose because of a mistake I made then because of something completely out of my control.

Most Memorable Out of competition experiences (on the water)

Sailing Jaws this past year on the gigantic day we had is definitely one of the most memorable experiences I've had windsurfing. It was by far the biggest day I've windsurfed and I caught the biggest waves of my life until now. I've never had the feeling I get sailing there anywhere else. It's a special place to catch some waves. Particularly on a really big day.

Out of competition experience you would most like to forget (on the water)     

I honestly don't think I'd like to forget anything. Everything I've experienced is just a part of it. You don't get the good without the bad.

Favourite move         

Probably a taka. It's the wave move I always had the easiest time with, and I really like the rotation. It feels really natural on the wave.

Move you are most afraid of

Doubles scare me a lot. I've tried a decent amount and landed a few but they still scare me haha. I think shiftys are pretty scary as well.

Move you would most like to perfect          

Doubles. Definitely doubles. It's been a goal of mine for a while and my main focus for this summer!

Best Possible Day      

It needs to involve good waves, some wind, good friends, and maybe on an island in Fiji or something.

Favourite Music        

Queens of the stone age are by far my favorite band.

Favourite Food          

Pasta. Doesn't matter what kind. I love it all.

Favourite Spot

Probably Peahi because of how special it is to get good conditons there.

3 things you cannot live without      

Family, friends, and the ocean.

Favourite motor vehicle       

I'm not a huge car guy. Just give me a decent truck and I'll be happy.

People who have inspired you         

There are a ton of athletes who have done incredible things competitively that have inspired me. I always find it really interesting to see what it is about them that makes them so great. Kelly Slater is a good example. The incredible drive that he's had throughout his career and how he's managed to stay so motivated and competitive for so long.

Career Highlights       

Winning the Aloha classic 3 times is what I'd consider the highlights up till now. Hopefully competitions come back soon and I can add a few more!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?        

I have a lot goals that I've set for myself and a number of things I'd like to achieve, but besides that I like seeing what life has in store for me. I think it's more interesting to live in the moment and not worry to much about the future.

Current Sponsors      

Neilpryde, JP Australia, and Black Project fins.



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