How do I find the right product for my needs?

On our website you can find detailed product explanations. In some of our product videos we also explain differences between products and the specialties of products. If you still have doubts about which product to buy after having read the product details, please best visit one of our official NeilPryde dealers to get more information and a possible fitting of our product. You can find a dealer close to you here:

How do I protect my gear from wear and tear?

In order to have the most of your gear for a long time, we do have a couple of specific recommendations how to care for your products. You can find these in our product care section, or in our manuals.
Product care section:

How can I get information about rigging my sail correctly?

You can find information about rigging your sail correctly in our “Specs chart” at the end of every product webpage for our Sails. Additionally, our product videos offer a good source of information, as there you find everything explained in detail. Find an explanatory video for most of our windsurf Products here:

Can I buy products of the NeilPryde One Design range online?

On our website you will be able to buy products of the One Design range, such as RS:X. You will also be able to find sell-out items in the “Sale” section:
For orders in Europe please contact our official partner Group Satet:

Where can I buy One Design spare parts? 

You can buy One Design spare parts through our website or through our official One Design partner Group Satet (only for Europe):

Some items are shown as “out of stock”, how can I check availability?

If products are indicated “out of stock” please contact our official retailer Group Satet ( for product availability in Europe or send us a request email via our contact form.