RS:X Overview 2020



It's little wonder our obsession with windsurfing has led to our selection as official supplier to the Olympic games. In return, we've distilled everything we've learned in this sport and applied it to one class of rig now identified by the world as RS:X. To ride this sail is to be one step closer to the dais. RS:X is engineered in the same headspace as the RS:RACING sails - as light as possible, and as fast as impossible. Although substantial in volume at 8.5 and 9.5m, RS:X is built for an extraordinary wind range; from 3-30 knots, and it can be comfortably handled by even the lightest riders. The RS:X class has a proprietary NeilPryde mast, boom, board and extensions - ensuring a consistent and complete performance. RS:X: The equipment is standard, it's the athlete that makes the difference.


The NeilPryde RS:X is driven from the belief that the Olympics, as the pinnacle of nearly all major sporting achievements, should also be the pinnacle of achievement in windsurfing. The Olympics should present the best athletes, on the best equipment, in a showcase for the very best performances in the sport.

The RS:X board has been shaped by Jean Bouldoires, a shaper well known in the windsurfing industry for producing very innovative and successful board shapes. The RS:X is a true cross over board in that it makes the best compromise between traditional raceboard sailing in sub-planing conditions, and exciting Formula racing planing conditions starting from 8-10 knots.

The RS:X sail was closely based on the shaping and design of NeilPryde's RS:RACING sails which are currently used by a large proportion of the world's top Formula Windsurfing racers. The RS:X takes it's draft stability from RS:RACING to give it a high performance locked-in feel in planing conditions.

At the same time, it has been further refined and developed to ensure that it has the softness needed for ease of handling in sub-planing conditions. Combined with the lightweight and high performance RS:X rig components, this sail performs exceptionally in both planing and non-planing conditions.

The RS:X enables Olympic sailors both men and women the chance to compete at the highest performance levels in the sport of windsurfing. Through doing so, the Olympic windsurfing class will attract the best windsurfers to these events and create the most interest from the general public and the Windsurfing community as a whole.