RS:X Booms

RS:X Booms

  • Oversized mast cup increases the contact area onto the mast resulting in stiffer, wider, safer load distribution and more direct transmission of power from the boom through the mast and onto the board. Mast cup constructed in carbon for light weight and stiffness.

  • Twin Pin Trim Lock Adjustment System. The Twin Pin design provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end.

  • Carbon Monocoque (1 piece) boom body for increased stiffness and smoother transmission of the power from the rig through to the board. One piece construction eliminates the play between the joints and reduces the point loading at the screws.

  • Monocoque carbon tail extension

Boom Specs

Size Adjust / Cm Weight / KG Diameter Material FinishFront Attach Back End
225-265 40/HG 3.05 OverS & 30 Uni-Directional
Pre-preg Carboon / Glass
Monocoque Carbon Head Monocoque Carbon
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