Powerfuse Construction

Brilliant design isn’t just about what you add. It’s what you take away.

With our 2018 Powerfuse Construction we redefine the way we build the sail. We pre-make a Dyneema reinforced, very lightweight “base material” which is our ultimate rip-stop material: extremely strong, UV-resistant and super light. We take that base and laminate onto it our specifically pre-cut internal pieces, which are also part of Robert Stroj´s design. This allows us to have material in 10-15 mm thickness in the stress areas of the sail down to 3-4 mm in the areas where there is a light load. In the end, we not only produced a stronger but also a much lighter sail because there is no need to add thick material everywhere in the sail. Our Wave sails (TheFly, Combat, Combat HD, Atlas) and our Freestyle sail the Wizard, feature this construction in all their sizes.

Powerfuse is like nothing else.