Mast FAQ'S

Can I rig a NeilPryde Sail with a mast of another brand as well?

We do not recommend to rig NeilPryde sails with masts of other brands. Every NeilPryde sail will perform to its highest potential when used with the specified NeilPryde mast, because our sails are designed around our mast curves. Using a mast of another brand can influence the performance of the sail in a negative way. Therefore NeilPryde does not warranty its sails if they are rigged with other than a NeilPryde Mast. Learn more on:

When do I use SDM or RDM masts?

The NeilPryde RDM masts are comparable in its curve with NeilPryde SDM masts. Choose an RDM mast for a softer, more forgiving feel and durability. Choose an SDM mast for faster response, stability and more direct feel. We recommend the use of SDM masts on cambered sails:

Are current masts also compatible with previous sail models?

All masts are featuring our unique Progressive Flex, compatible with all previous sail models, please find more info here: 

What is the difference between the carbon percentages in the masts?

Higher performance level masts will have higher carbon content reducing the weight of the mast, as well as significantly increasing the interplay between mast and sail and its overall performance. Please find more information here:

Can I replace only one part of the mast?

We at NeilPryde are aiming at selling only the best and longest lasting products. If your mast broke in one part, due to e.g. mishandling, you might wonder if you can simply replace only the broken section of the mast. We do not recommend this, as it is very likely that the upper part of the new mast may not fit to the original bottom part and vice versa, therefore we suggest to check specific cases with your local repair shop, which you can find via our