Foil care


Windsurfing foils are subject to extreme loads and forces and should be regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear. The foil used in your board can be seriously damaged by hitting a solid object or the ground. This damage may not always be visible to the naked eye. Never place yourself in a position where the breakage of your foil would make it impossible to return to shore unaided and without assistance. The tip, trailing edge and leading edge of this foil are sharp and can cause cuts. Take care to avoid these sharp edges with your hands, legs or feet especially during water starting.

The different attachment systems provided with the NeilPryde foils, are designed to attach the NeilPryde foils to a windsurf, paddle, or surf board. Due to the fact that there are many different board brands, which have different construction standards that are uncontrollable by NeilPryde, by using the provided foil & base system, the user will not hold NeilPryde accountable for damages that could be caused to the board, or the rider himself, and will use the product at the user´s own risk.

How to reduce risks:

Always wear a suitable helmet.

The use of a long leg wetsuit and protective boots is recommended.

The product is designed for use on water and by trained personnel (over 18 years) only.

This product is designed for use on water only.

Always rinse with clear water each parts after use to prevent corrosion.

Always disconnect the foil from the board after use to prevent corrosion (remove screws from foil base)

Sail under control and do not use at speeds that exceed the skills of the rider.

Do not use in shallow water or near the shore, docks, pylons, swimmers or other.

Use only original NeilPryde replacement parts.

It is the user’s responsibility to inspect equipment for wear and tear before every use.

It is the user’s responsibility to repair and maintain this product.

The use of damaged products is not allowed.

Before riding ensure that the screws are tightened.

NeilPryde Limited is not responsible for injuries or damage to the windfoil due to misuse or any use not consistent with these instructions.

Do not use this product under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Always wear an approved life and protection vest.

Exclusively use original NeilPryde screws. Failure to follow these instructions may increase the risk of serious personal injury and damage to the equipment.