A short guide to foiling:

Foiling is gaining more and more interest amongst all kinds of water sports, let it be windsurfing, surfing, SUPing, Wake surfing or Kitesurfing as well as across genders and competency levels.

What makes foiling so exciting?

A foil will help to lift you above the water and letting you float over it. But how is this possible?

We have visualized the physics behind foiling in the below graphic:


- - -

- - -

- - -

- - -

The specific shape of the wing has the effect that water travels faster over the top surface than the bottom one, similar to how airplane wings work. Physics dictates that the faster velocity over the top of the wing leads to a lower pressure. Simultaneously, with higher pressure on the bottom surface of the wing, an upward force is produced, which in turn lifts the boat’s hulls out of the water.

- - -

Technical Info:

Our foils are made of high pressure molded prepreg carbon or aluminum - what is the difference?

  • Carbon fibres will offer a much higher stiffness-to-weight ratio compared to aluminum.

  • It allows for reduced profile sizes, e.g. having a much thinner profile mast that further reduces drag while improving stiffness.

Why do our foils have different base systems that are interchangeable?

  • Interchangeable base systems allow for more flexibility to use the foil with different water sports boards that have different fin base systems.

  • To find out, which base system comes with which foil and which other base systems can be used with each foil, please check out the foil part compatibility chart found on each foils’ product page.



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