Welcome to the Family Zorzi Brothers!

Welcome to the Family Zorzi Brothers!

We are very proud to introduce you to two of our youngest and most promising family members: Riccardo Zorzi, 17 years old, living and training in Lake Garda  and his younger powerhouse of a brother, Sebastiano Zorzi, just 15 years old.

Since a young age, Ricky always had a thing for water sports, starting with kitesurfing which turned into a relentless love for WingFoiling. As children the brothers used to fly kites along the shores of Lake Garda, pretending to be out at sea jumping and having fun in the waves. When Ricardo was eight years old, he entered the water for the first time and the addiction was guaranteed. "Flying on the water gives me emotions, adrenaline and it makes me feel free. This inspires me to keep looking for new challenges and to achieve great results."

For Seba it all started as fun and like a game in summer of 2020, he improved so fast that the following year he took already part in his first international competition in Silvaplana, Switzerland.

👉 Riccardo's Best results so far: Italian champion 20 – 21, 3st place GWA freestyle Leucate 21, 1st place GWA Freestyle Tarifa 2021, 2nd place GWA European Championships U19 22, 3rd place World Sailing Race U19 22. More to come…🤪

👉 Sebastiano's best results so far: 3rd place GWA European Champion U16 21, 1st place World Sailing Race U15 22. Definitely more to follow! 🤪

Ricky about entering the team: "I am very excited about this new chapter. With the new Neil Pryde (and JP gear) I am ready to challenge the best athletes in the world!"

Seba about entering the team: "The new season is just around the corner, I will fight with commitment and determination and thanks to Neil Pryde I will compete alongside great international champions!”

We are very proud and happy to have such young talent in our team and can’t see what the future brings for both! ❤️💪

Follow them here:

@rickyzpro! 🔥🤙🤩

@sebastiano_zorzi_! 🔥💪💨

📸 @alezorzi21

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