Morgan and Marino Excel in Chile!

Morgan and Marino Excel in Chile!

Massive congratulations to Morgan Noireaux and Marino Gil for their excellent results in Chile. 

The Surazo PWA/IWT World Cup was one of the most anticipated events of this year and the conditions didn't disappoint. 

Morgan and Marino looked solid throughout, both putting on an excellent display of rail work and aerial maneuvers.

Morgan finished the event in 2nd place which was enough to put him into the lead of the Unified PWA/IWT World Rankings after 2 events, the first time that Morgan has seen himself at the top of the World Rankings in his career.

Marino finished in 5th place, which was his best result in a down the line event. 

Morgan scored one of the highest heat scores of the entire event in the semi final, receiving over 9 points for the single best aerial maneuver of the event, a massive, inverted 360 over a solid Matanzas bowl. He landed with poise and speed and was rewarded by huge cheers from the local crowd and the event's highest single move wave score.

Congratulations to both of you and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


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