Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Day 1 of The Fly on Maui. Robby Swift, Morgan Noireaux and Jason Polakow were the lucky 3 who enjoyed the first taste of NeilPryde Wings on Maui.

Robby's first impressions:

"I loved the Fly. I used a 3.3 when I would probably have been on a 4m normally. It felt really light in my hands. The handles were amazing, including the front flagging handle. I felt extremely in control and the session didn't tire my hands or fingers at all. The wing felt balanced and neutral. Tacking was easy, jumping was easy and wave riding was really easy. One more small detail I loved was the carrying pad for the foil on the backpack. No stone left un-turned! Great job NeilPryde Designers!"



Morgan Noireaux:

"I had been excited to try these wings for a while and the first impressions didn't disappoint. I loved the attention to detail put into every piece. The valves were the best I have seen. The handles were soft but rigid and strong and the wing felt super powerful but still really light and controllable. I could definitely have been on a 2.9 which is crazy as I was thinking I would need a 4.0 when I looked at the water."

Jason Polakow:

"It was great to see Nils again after a very long time. He definitely put his many years of engineering expertise to good work when making these wings. There are so many great details and the wings look and feel amazing. I was overpowered on 3.3 when I would normally use a 4.0 so I can't wait to get out again and see how small I can go! The advantages of using a smaller more efficient wing are endless."

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