Enrico Marotti: Winner of PWA World Cup Japan & 3rd place 2022 PWA Overall Slalom Ranking.

Enrico Marotti: Winner of PWA World Cup Japan & 3rd place 2022 PWA Overall Slalom Ranking.

Huge congratulations to Enrico Marotti on winning the fiercely competitive and immensely challenging Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura Windsurf World Cup in Japan.

In what proved to be one of the most varied events ever in terms of conditions, the sailors contended with anything from 6 to 40 knots of wind and the foil/fin battle raged on to create some of the most exciting racing seen on the PWA tour in years. 

The event title came down to the wire with Enrico needing to beat one of his main rivals, Matteo Iachino in the final in order to take the win. The two rivals went rail to rail from the start and Enrico had to sail one of his best slalom heats ever in order to secure the win.

During the event, Enrico only used his foil setup, he never switched to fin and he used all 4 of his foil sails, 9.0, 7.8, 6.6, 5.4. This year, he won PWA finals on 9.0, 7.8, 6.6 and he placed 2nd in a final on the 5.4. Truly an amazing year showing the breadth of his skills in all different wind strengths!

From the PWA:

Marotti Tastes Victory For The First Time

Away from the world title race, there was a separate, equally exciting battle for the event title between Enrico Marotti and Nicolas Goyard. Before the final there was just 0.7 of a point between them, so it would be a straight fight between the two top ranked sailors and the final certainly didn’t disappoint as they went rail-to-rail in a classic race. Marotti did brilliantly to hold his nerve under intense pressure as the Croat signed off the event in style by claiming his second bullet of the week, but more importantly it secured him his maiden victory on the World Tour, which sees him ranked third in the overall rankings.

Some words from Enrico:

"I could never ever imagine that wining Professional windsurfing association world cup event is so so hard! Afther 4 eliminations I had scored 5th, 2nd, 2nd and 1st! With discarding 5th I had 2nd, 2nd and 1st counting! Looks like a great score but going in to last final there was only one point of a difference between @nico.f465 on second and me on first, so who ever beats who takes the win of event! On top of all consistent sailing that I did all week I still had to pull off my best heat ever to take event win! First on start I had to fight with @matteo_iachino for a starting position and then I had to fight all race with @nico.f465, pumping all first reach to keep the speed! Two very very top level sailors who I really respect for their skills! I have to say thanks for that amazing and clean fights, tons of respect! It was a pure pleasure, unbelievable heat! When i came a cross finish line I couldn’t believe what i just puled off. Then I realised what you have to do and how you have to sail to take event win! Crazy! All that because level of sailors on this tour is amazingly high. I enjoy racing with all of you! 🤙💪
Event win brought me 3rd place in PWA world cup ranking for 2022!
I am so so happy and proud to bring this two trophies to Croatia, to Volosko! My home spot is amazing place which I love so much and it truly deserves something like that! 😊😃 Massive thanks to all my friends and supporters. I feel your energy and I truly appreciate it! ❤️💪🤙
Thanks to my sponsors on being by my side and believing in me! @neilpryde_wind @jp_australia_com @croatiafulloflife@cedevitagram @denticodentalcenter @Aestusgroup
Thanks to Robert and Werner in trust of my gear development!
Thanks to all my family and thanks to love of my life, my best caddy ever @nikacuculic ❤️❤️
Congratulations to @maciekrutko on taking the world title! Congratulations to @matteo_iachino on great consistent sailing all year long and taking 2nd place in world tour ranking! 😊🤙
Can’t wait to get home! 😃

Congratulations Enrico, we are all so proud of you, the passion and excitement you bring to your sailing and of this latest, incredible achievement!

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Merci Tonio!!