The Defi Wind is the biggest gathering of windsurfing pros, amateurs and enthusiasts in the world. 2024 was no exception.

1,400 avid windsurfers gathered on the world renowned contest location of Gruissan to celebrate their passion, meet their idols and lay eyes and hands on the latest windsurf gear on the market.

The NeilPryde and JP team were in attendance from our marketing gurus to our top World Cup riders and a great time was had by all.

Sadly there wasn't enough wind to run a full, counting elimination so only 1 Funny Race was held.

That left plenty of time for the public to meet their windsurfing heroes though, so nobody went home disappointed.

Thanks as always to the incredible team behind the Defi Wind. It is the most energizing gathering of windsurfing fanatics in the world and every year continues to set records for the biggest windsurfing fleet in history on a race course. We can't wait to see what 2025 brings!

Photos: Ludovic Marquier

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