Anja Fuchs

Anja Fuchs

Date of Birth: 12.12.1980

Country and Residence: Austria /Graz & Grado/Italy

My motto: "It is ok to live a life others don’t understand"

My favorite spot: There are a few, e. g. in the north of Italy ;) I also like Egypt and Watamu in Kenya a lot. I’m in love with butter flat water!

Where can you find me most of the time during the year: On windy beaches – whereever the wind (or my job) takes me.  

Sponsors: Cabrinha, NeilPryde, Schwerelosigkite, Vivida Lifestyle

Disciplines: Freestyle & Old School 

My favorite trick: Everything that involves a front rotation

Accomplishments: I attended only fun contests so far! To be honest, I am not a competitive person ... I enjoy being on the water, dealing with different conditions, being one with the elements, working on new tricks and getting better for myself.

My favorite NeilPryde product: Vamp Springsuit

What everybody should know about me: I can get really, really grumpy when I can’t get on the water for a few days ...

What do I do besides windsurfing: Bodyweight workouts, Yoga, Snowboarding, walks with my dog and a lot of writing for kitesurf magazines and my blog.

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