Vinni Martins is a Brazilian Waterman who has decided to dedicate his life to water sports since the first time he tried windsurfing at the age of 7 in the waters of Rio de Janeiro.

Since than he has won a Stand Up Paddle Racing World Championship in 2019, the South American and Brazilian Wing Foil titles, and has surfed on some of the biggest waves in the world in Nazaré, Portugal.

But apart from pushing the extreme sides of the sports, Vinni is always happy to share the stoke and help anyone who wants to learn or improve on the water!


The freedom and the endless possibilities that all this water sports bring are just amazing!

We are so lucky to live in this time and be able to explore all this possibilities with such advanced gear!

I want to be out there on the water for the rest of my life.


I want to be Wing Foil Wave World Champion.

Being SUP Racing world champion in 2019 was already a dream that came true, but being a multi sport athlete it would be very special to win another world title in another sport!

Outside of competition I really love to travel, so I want to explore new locations as much as possible. I’m sure that there are amazing spots out there waiting to be discovered and wing foiling has opened even more possibilities!

And of course I want to live a life dedicated to water sports for the rest of my life, so in some year I want to have a good career transition to doing more clinics, selling gear, organizing trips and maybe having a center in some dreamy location!