I learned to windsurf at the Fishermen’s huts in Aruba! I would join a kids group every weekend and would be out exploring the spot and having fun with my friends. After a competition in Bonaire with the Aruban team I fell completely in love and never looked back. I got to travel, make new friends and improve my skills and this is exactly what still keeps me hooked to windsurfing today!

I love that windsurfing has given me the opportunity to explore the world and I keep getting challenged at every new spot I go to.

I started out freestyling but as my career progressed I have challenged myself in slalom and wave sailing as well. I just love the diversity that windsurfing has to offer. I think each discipline complements the other and I want to become the best all around windsurfer I can be.


I feel like life is a sequence of small and big happenings and I enjoy all of it.

Whether I go to buy a cup of coffee or take a long flight to Cape Town I’m excited for the adventure that awaits.


Windsurfing is forever going to challenge me. My goal is always to improve.

I would love to get that elusive double forward! And I want to be a rolemodel for other women. To inspire them to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves as well.

I love sharing my windsurfing passion with other people especially with kids and am looking forward to host more camps and get more people into the sport.