Sarah-Quita Offringa

Sarah-Quita Offringa

Full Name      

Sarah-Quita Offringa  


cabeibusha (curly hair in papiamentu)

Date of Birth  


Place of birth 


Home Town Now      

When I have a break, I go home to Aruba, if not my base in Europe is in Holland.

Instagram Handle      


Facebook Page          

Sarah Quita Offringa ARU91





Marital Status


Windsurfing/SUP/Foiling/Winging Since     

I started windsurfing around 2001!!

Main Disciplines        

Freestyle, Slalom, Wave

Favourite Sail or Wing          

4,4 wizard is my favourite every year. 4,0 combat in strong winds. 4,7 combat for down the line riding. 

Most Memorable Competition Experiences

There's a couple! But the most recent ones were competing in slalom in Denmark where every day there were different conditions, so that was the ultimate challenge. Competing in Portugal in 2018, we had nuclear slalom + freestyle heats daily. The last one was winning the aloha classic in 2019 and with that winning my first wave world title. 

Competition experience you would most like to forget     

I mean, there aren't really any events I want to forget as there's always something you take with to the next contest. I think one of the worst feelings I've had in a contest was when I abandoned my heat in Maui 2016 because I was so intimidated by the conditions. Even though I felt well scared, I went out anyway for my heat, but on the first wave I got completely smashed. So I decided to go back to the beach as I lost all my confidence. I felt quite defeated and was totally humbled by the conditions. The bright side of that story is that I climbed up the rankings in the double elimination and won the event a week later when the conditions were smaller. But I guess the point of that story is that there's always something to learn. And to this day my main goal is to get comfortable in big conditions. 

Most Memorable Out of competition experiences (on the water)

There's so many beautiful days ! And usually the best ones are where you end up sailing till sunset with friends! A sunset at Margaret river while watching the waves crashing, sunset session in Bonaire with everyone freestyling till it's pitch dark, watching the sunset behind the mountains while hunting ramps in pozo I could go on forever.

Out of competition experience you would most like to forget (on the water)     

I don't think I've ever had a terrible experience outside of windsurfing. The only other bad experience I had during a contest was in new caledonia, where I was leading the race, but delphine was about to pass me, I was totally not comfortable on my gear but kept pushing anyway so when a gust hit I lost control, catapulted and let go while still in the harnesslines, so I did this scorpion thing and over extended my back. oouuuchh.

Favourite move         

Pushloop, shaka and culo are all time favourites!

Move you are most afraid of

Double forward ! I have committed to a couple already, but still need to land one. 

Move you would most like to perfect          

Double Culo's

Best Possible Day      

My favourite days are when you get up and just keep rolling from one thing to the next. Usually getting up and being active straight leads to a fun and active day. Maybe hit the gym at 7am for an hour, then have a nice breakfast and coffee, hit the water for waves or freestyle session, get a big lunch and chill a bit, do another session and at night have dinner with some friends.

Favourite Music        

I love a whole range of music! But definitely heavily Caribbean influenced. 

Favourite Food          

I love vegetarian food a lot. 

Favourite Spot

Pozo is always a joy to come back to, Coronation in geraldton is a total playground, totally flat lagoons in Brazil are super fun. 

3 things you cannot live without      

My diary, coffee, spotify 

Favourite motor vehicle       

Not too much into motorized vehicles honestly, we used to have a really bad ass red silverado pick up truck.

People who have inspired you         

My parents and brother. But in general I am very inspired by anyone that works hard and does what he/she loves. 

Career Highlights       

Winning double titles in 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?        

I think I will live in Aruba, but still regularly fly out for windsurfing trips. Actually I will probably still be competing haha! I feel like I want to give every discipline in windsurfing a good try before I retire, so I might be hitting the speed course in Namibia by then.

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NeilPryde, Starboard, Brunotti, Maui Ultra Fins


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