Since he was a child, Riccardo's love for water sports has been evident. He started practicing kitesurfing at the age of 7, a passion that spans across various disciplines, from freestyle to strapless to foil, before focusing in recent years on wingfoiling, the sport of the moment. His successes in the 2021 world championships, as well as top positions in international rankings for race and freestyle, demonstrate his ability to excel in different wing foil disciplines, making him a complete talent. He has been part of the Neilpryde team for 2 years and is very enthusiastic about the upcoming season. Currently involved in various aspects of the NeilPryde and JP brands, he and the development team achieved great goals last year, and the excitement is high for this year as well. Spending time flying over the water is his greatest passion, whether in perfect conditions, relaxing with friends, or training for competitions.


Between wing foiling and kitesurfing, I manage to be in the water for over 300 days a year, a dream I had since I was a child that has come true. I love sharing my life on social media, and I'm heavily involved in wingfoil equipment development, from sails to boards to foils; I love the technical side and am committed to studying how to improve wing foil equipment to make it even more innovative and advanced. I'm sure this passion of mine will last for a long time!


After achieving 1st and 3rd place in the GWA and obtaining good results in recent seasons, I am really motivated to try to win a Wing Foil World Tour event. I am still training hard for all the events, combining them with school. I would definitely like to finish on the podium in the World Tour this year and grow in all disciplines in the coming years. I love sharing my passion for wing foiling on social media, hoping to introduce many young people to the world of water sports. I am fortunate to be able to share my passion every day with my brother and my whole family.