In the world of windsurfing since he was 9 years old, Pierre has been part of the team since 2014. Hailing from the north of France, he balances his time between wave sessions and slalom foil training. He has been competing in Slalom/Foil events on the PWA circuit since 2016, ranking 17th in 2023. A member of the international team since 2018, Pierre also promotes our brands in France, where he is well-known among windsurfers.


I live in Calais, located in the north of France, where I learned windsurfing as a kid. Despite the cold winters, the area is known for its strong winds, particularly ideal for exciting wave sessions in places like Wissant and Sangatte. For example, in a single week, I can train with my 8.7 foil sail and also enjoy wave sessions with my 4.2 Combat - it's truly amazing! As a competitor on the PWA circuit, I am dedicated to training rigorously and constantly experimenting with my gear to ensure I perform at my best. However, I also love the opportunity to share great sessions with my friends and family.


Ranked 17th on the tour in 2023, my goal for 2024 is to break into the top 10, and I'm putting in the work to achieve it. I spend countless hours on the water training, and I also dedicate time in the gym to ensure confidence during competitions. In addition to competing on the PWA tour, I also participate in our French tour, which boasts a high level of riders. This serves as excellent preparation for the World Cup. Achieving a ranking of 5th in 2023, my aim is to secure a spot in the top 3 for 2024. However, above all, the most important thing for me is to have fun!