Coming from a cold snowy hometown, Olya started her career as a professional snowboarder back in the days, but after trying windsurfing she has redirected her life and decided to move to Egypt. Dahab, the windy paradise, has been Olya’s playground since 2005. She learned to freestyle there, started her own project - windsurfing clinics for ladies called Windsurf Beauties Camp, and traveled the world. Coming from competitive snowboarding scene, she eventually started competing in freestyle and waves in PWA and in FPT.

Olya has been with JP and NeilPryde since the beginning of her professional career in 2010. She was on a podium in Fuerte in 2014 and in Greece in 2021. Windsurfing is a huge part of her life, but she loves all water sports and she is also a dedicated SUP racer, free diver, yoga instructor and a surfer.

She travels with her windsurfing camps all over the world and she is very passionate about sharing her experiences, knowledge and commitment with her students and other windsurfers. Her whole family is water sports fans as her husband is a professional photographer and passionate wing fan and her children are surfers and windsurfers.


Love, respect and care for nature is what I feel is important. I would spend every day in the ocean if I could, but as much as I love sailing, surfing and SUPing I’m always there to clean the beach, educate my students and children about the responsibility that we have. A lot of things and places have changed over 20 years that I am traveling and windsurfing and it’s just so important to remember how fragile our world is and try our best to leave it a better place for our children.

Together with my husband we organise windsurfing camps where people come with families to try all types of water sports, free diving, water safety and other activities. The transformation they undergo is simply amazing. I love sharing the stoke, as I always feel it myself and when other people try windsurfing and end up with a huge her passion, it is the best reward.


I have so many places I would love to go, windsurf with my family and students, that I hope I can fit it all. One of my favourite places is Mauritius as it has the best waves and you can dive with whales there. Free diving is a big part of my life, I absolutely love it and it makes me feel and understand the water differently.

I am also planning to continue doing some PWA and FPT events as well as SUP races, as it motivates me like nothing else.

Sharing the stoke with my family is incredible and I feel their support and love for the sport too. Windsurfing is a great sport and there is no limit to it.