Nico is a professional Windsurfer, who competes in the PWA World Tour, produces videos for the biggest windsurfing community on YouTube, works with his NeilPryde and JP Australia sponsors to develop the fastest boards and sails, and is Co-Owner of the Europe wide surf shop

He lives for the speed on the water and is fascinated by the elegance of the sport while constantly seeking the next adrenaline rush. Nico has been devoted to windsurfing since his childhood and turned this passion into his profession immediately after finishing school.


“The journey is the destination!”

Is my favorite quote. We often tend to focus too much on the goal, rather than enjoying the journey. I use this quote to remind myself to enjoy all parts of the join, even when they are normally not the most pleasant.


Live and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Encourage people to take care of our environment and protect our Oceans. Contribute to our sport windsurfing.