Marco's Journey with NeilPryde began in 2009 during our Young guns Camp Series with the Procenter of Christoph Kirschner in Rhodos, Greece.
Marco became a Teamrider in 2009 and established a Windsurf career competing in the PWA and FPT Freestyle-Tours around the globe.
Marco rejoined in 2020 & is now involved in photo shooting and marketing activities of the Pryde Group.


Spending as much time on the water as possible is my new established life goal. Time is precious and I simply love spending time in the water doing watersports. Whether it is windsurfing, surfing, SUPing, swimming, diving I am an allrounder. I just love it.

Windsurfing however, is simply second to none. The freedom and speed one gains while planing on the surface of the water is mind blowing. Such a great feeling, that you can simply not get enough of.


Everyday we are learning and I am excited to keep on learning and moving forward. I love being active and exploring different kinds of sports and meeting new people and cultures.

In general waves have been a big passion of mine during the last years. Next to down the line windsurfing I love chasing waves with friends and just surfing in bordies ;)