Introduced to windsurfing by her father at the age of 9, Kylie has been competing ever since, initially in Olympic windsurfing and now in winging. She has relied on NeilPryde gear throughout her career: Olympic windsurfing on the NeilPryde RS:X, and for her windsurfing fun board gear, a combination of NP Combat and JP Freestyle Wave. Currently, she rides Fly wings and F and S-Winger JP boards.

As a winger and engineering student, Kylie is deeply passionate about wing and foil development. She particularly enjoys the opportunity to compare her sensations with the mechanical theory of the gear. Recently earning a bronze medal in GWA slalom, she is eagerly looking forward to further challenges with their new and excellent gear.


Winging has changed my athlete career a lot. I had the amazing opportunity to travel a lot, going around mythical spots such as Cape Town and Pozo. As a young windsurfer, I have always admired NeilPryde’s legends, especially Sarah-Quita as she was a real role model for the little girl I was. I must admit it is a dream come true to be part of this legendary team and to run for NeilPryde and JP’s colors.

Watersports is a passion I always shared with my dad and tried to get my mum into it as well. It feels amazing to have brought them to winging. I now share every single training session with my dad! He has been loving the gear as well and really helps me to question myself even more to go further into my feedback for the development.


Having clinched two 2nd places in a row on the two last stops of the slalom GWA tour, I have a real desire to go further and score a 1st next year.

On the freestyle side, I am having loads of fun trying and crashing! I am looking forward to landing some new tricks and improving my rankings on the tour.

Last year, NeilPryde gave me the opportunity to coach a clinic in Prasonisi. This experience has taught me a lot and allowed me to take a step back on the technical aspects of winging. It was a real pleasure to help passionate people improve their winging abilities and I am hoping to help some more in the future.