Julien Bontemps

Julien Bontemps

Nickname: Goodtime

Date of Birth: 1st of june 1979

Country and Residence:  France

Where can you find me most of the time during the year: on the water

Sponsors: NeilPryde, JP Australia, Distinxion, F4FINS, Hoalen

Disciplines: Foiling and wave sailing for fun

Accomplishments: Silver Olympic medalist 2008 and 4 x Olympic class World Champ

My favorite NeilPryde product: Neilpryde F4 carbon foil

What everybody should know about me: I'm since more than 20 years in the olympic program. During this time I was also doing wave sailing, freestyle, surf etc…

What do I do beside windsurfing:  Surf foil, wave riding, SUP foil, Sup

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