Greta Marchegger is our Italian watergirl who loves all our disciplines and all kind of boards and sails to the fullest. She has been part of our team for many years as teamrider, competing mainly in the Windsurfing racing discipline, she has basically grown up in the windsurfing circus and on our brands.

Windsurfing is her first and biggest love, sharing this passion with her dad, an ex-professional athlete who still works in the windsurfing industry – but being able to call Lake Garda her home spot is of course also a big advantage. Besides Windsurfing she’s fully into Wingfoiling, SUP, surfing, river surfing, longboarding and traveling to places around the world where she can practice them. Wind & Watersports are not only her passion but also her lifestyle. As she likes to say: 99% of my life is about watersports, in my family, in my private life and in my professional life – lucky me! :)

After many years of growing up and competing in the international racing regatta & event scene, after her studies she became also an integral part of our brand’s marketing team. Fun fact: Greta is also hosting and co-commentating national and international windsurfing events and competitions.


I actually live by two quotes. The first one would be: "Do it with love or not at all." This goes not only for watersports but for everything in life. I am a very emotional and passionate person who puts my heart and soul into everything I do.

The second quote would be "No risk, no fun." Usually, the best things in life come from hard work and a little bit of risk. You should never stop challenging yourself, taking risks, learning, and growing.


In my eyes, goals are not necessarily related to rankings or numbers. For me, being successful means being 100% at peace with myself and being happy with what I do, because then I am also good at it.

My goal is to continue living my passion to the fullest, in both my professional and private life. After several years of competitions, earning a university degree, and working in the Wind & Watersports industry for many years, I would now define myself as a soul surfer. "Sharing the same passion, our disciplines, and the elements with others, especially with girls and my family, makes me the happiest." This is what truly matters to me.

Of course, there are a few personal goals that I have on my to-do list, such as surfing in Tahiti, for example. But my main goal will always be: to be the best version of myself. Whether it's in water sports or as a person, being the best version of myself is what truly matters.