In 2020, the De Jong family moved from The Netherlands to Bonaire. Previously engaged in field hockey, the absence of a hockey club on Bonaire prompted them to explore other sports. Windsurfing, a prevalent activity on the island, captured their heart. The exhilarating speed and power of windsurfing provide them with a significant rush of adrenaline. In 2023, they participated in their first PWA slalom race in Fuerteventura, becoming the youngest competitors ever. Their expertise spans various disciplines including windsurf slalom on fin and foil, wingfoil, and some freestyle. This year, their primary focus is on slalom. While aiming to attend all PWA events, they prioritize their studies. They diligently rush to complete their homework every day, eager to maximize their time on the water.


I love to be on the water all day and everyday. It is my life.


I want to become Worldchampion and to race all around the world.