Anton has been windsurfing since the age of 5 and has been part of the Neilpryde family since 2019. He loves sailing and competing in every discipline, but riding waves and jumping high on the wave gear is his favorite. He won two Youth Wave Worldcups in Klitmøller in the U17 and U15 categories (2020/2021). On the German tour in 2023, he achieved 1st place in Wave, 3rd place in Fin Slalom, and 6th place in Foil Slalom, ultimately finishing 1st in the overall ranking. Anton loves spending time on the water with all the different gear as much as possible, especially with friends and family.


I love the versatility of windsurfing because all disciplines are so different. I truly enjoy each of them and strive to be competitive in all, as I feel like most people nowadays tend to focus on just one.
At home, I seize every opportunity to get out on the water for a Slalom, Foil, or Freestyle session. On weekends, I enjoy driving up north to Klitmøller in Denmark, one of my favorite spots. It offers big waves and sideshore wind, perfect for long wave rides and big jumps.


In the coming years I want to compete in the German Windsurf cup, as well as in the PWA Wave tour. My goal is to fight at the front in all disciplines in the German Windsurf cup. On the PWA Wave tour I want to be among the top guys in the U21 category.
After I am done with school I want to spend much mor time out on the water and would like to travel to places like Maui or Fiji.