Anton Richter

Anton Richter

Full Name: Anton Richter

Date of Birth: 03/18/2006     

Place of birth: Kiel

Home Town Now: Kiel

Instagram Handle: @richterboys

Height: 185cm

Weight: 67kg

Marital Status : Single

Windsurfing/SUP/Foiling/Winging Since: 2011

Main Disciplines: Wave / Slalom / Foil

Favourite Gear:  Wave: Ultimate Wave 69, Combat 4.0

Favourite Foil Setup:  Slalom/Foil: FlightEvo ll 8 , NP Slalomfoil 80 frontwing, JP Hydrofoil Slalom

Most Memorable Competition Experiences: PWA Youth Worldcup Klitmøller 2021: 1. U17

Competition experience you would most like to forget: Deutscher-Windsurfcup Borkum 2021: Broke my wrist before the first race.

Most Memorable Out of competition experiences (on the water): Summer 2021: Spending 4 weeks in Pozo with many Young Windsurfers

Out of competition experience you would most like to forget: Breaking gear, even a pro windsurfer I hate to break a mast,board,... even I know i have many spare

Favourite move: Backloop

Move you are most afraid of: Double forwardloop

Move you would most like to perfect:  stalled Forward

Best Possible Day: Windy day in Hanstholm, Denmark

Favourite Music: HipHop/Rap

Favourite Food: Poke Bowl in Aloha Bar Pozo

Favourite Spot: Hanstholm, Denmark

3 things you cannot live without:  Windsurfing, Friends, Family

Favourite motor vehicle: Ferrari F40

People who have inspired you: Philipp Köster, Vincent Langer

Career Highlights: PWA Youth worldcup klitmøller: 1. place U17

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: Competing in PWA World Tour

Current Sponsors: JP Neilpryde Surfpirates

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