Antoine Albeau

Antoine Albeau

Full Name:      Antoine Albeau           

Date of Birth: 06/17/1972 

Place of birth: La Rochelle, France

Home Town Now: Ile de Ré

Instagram Handle: @antoinealbeau

Facebook Page: Antoine Albeau F192

Height: 186cm

Weight: 99.99kg        

Marital Status : Married

Windsurfing/SUP/Foiling/Winging Since: 4 Years Old

Main Disciplines: Windsurfing Slalom / Speed

Favourite Board: Magic Wave 95 / JP speed 45

Favourite Sail or Wing: Atlas 5.0 / Neilpryde EVO 5.2

Favourite Foil Setup: Neilpryde Evo 6.6 / Hydrofoil 91 and 70cm front wing

Most Memorable Competition Experiences: Speed record 2015 53.27kts and all my World Titles

Competition experience you would most like to forget: World tittle I lose for 0.3pts

Most Memorable Out of competition experiences (on the water) : I love the feeling of the 4 last minutes before a high level final in Fuerteventura in strong wind !

Out of competition experience you would most like to forget (on the water): When you just fall by mistake and you don't qualify for the slalom final

Favourite move: Back loop

Move you are most afraid of: None, now I do only the move I have control in

Move you would most like to perfect: I would have love to learn the push forward

Best Possible Day: Wake up home with family and see the nice breeze coming for a perfect wave session on my place.

Favourite Music: Lots of new release

Favourite Food: Thai chicker curry maybe

Favourite Spot: All the place with beautiful water and warm weather

3 things you cannot live without: Family, water, air

Favourite motor vehicle: Lamgorghini URUS

People who have inspired you: Robby, Dunky, Slater, Bolt, Federer

Career Highlights: Lots of windsurfing speed record and my 25 World titles

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Home with 2 kids and wife

Current Sponsors: NP / JP / Quiksilver / ChrisBenz / Ma Charente Maritime / Ile de Ré / MAN Nego Loc / Camping Charente Maritime / SellSy / Ohmeo

Anything else you want to let us know? Trash the competition not the planet !


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