Windsurfing is the way of life of Antoine, born and raised on the Atlantic coast of France he lives on a small island named île de Ré, his dad created a sailing center in 1970 and Antoine has been running and taking care of this center for the past few years.
Antoine has been riding NeilPryde gear since 1997 and has fully concentrated on winning World Titles since that time. He has achieved the incredible record of 26 x World Champion titles across all the disciplines, except waves.
He retired from the PWA World Tour in 2022 and is now dedicated to chasing the world speed record. He is the current record holder with a speed of 53.27kts. He is dedicated to working on his Zephir Project and organizing the Antoine Albeau Series, a long distance event on his island.
He is also actively participating in windsurfing promotion at long distance events.
So you can see him on water of course!


Windsurfing is my way of life, when you are born with a dad and a mum who love the water, you have to like water sports as well.
I really like to spend time on the water and this is what I did all those years, it was part of my life and became my work. Competitions are something you either like or hate and I think that I need it like crazy. After over 25 years on tour, I had to stop the PWA Tour as I had other interests taking over my time, my center, my event that I organize and now I am also doing clinics. I really want to make that the people discover and love windsurfing.
Surfing, winging and kiting are also a part of my time on the water and now my 2 sons are growing up and start to spend some time as well on water so what can be better!


In 2023 I won a new World Title in Speed so I really want to win this year again. We are going forward as well on the ZEPHIR PROJECT, in which we are working on a new windsurfing board to beat the Sailing World Record and we are trying to be as ecological as possible, using natural resin and natural fiber and recycled plastic to build the sail.
The Antoine Albeau Series is a Long Distance event that I organize on my island. You can take part either on windsurfing foil or wingfoil. This is something I always wanted to do so that the other riders can see where I come from and where I learned a lot to be able to become World Champion.
Antoine Albeau Clinics will happen more and more as I want to share all my knowledge and love of windsurfing with other people.
Alani my oldest child is growing and spending time on the water more and more. It is just amazing to ride together and I want more of this.