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Many years of research, test and trial have made NeilPryde into a wind and water defending expert for all watersport addicts out there. Defense against the elements and the desire to go harder, faster and stay out longer are top-of-mind attributes for our designs. With this philosophy in mind, we developed the Storm, our warmest semidry suit in the range. By using the unique mesh material Armor Skin G2 in the most important areas the windchill gets reduced to zero, whilst the durabilty of the material is unmatched. The Dryflex material in the shoulder area, arms and forearms increases the stretch of the suit.

MATERIAL: Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene, Armor Skin G2, MLS Muscle Lock System, EFX Expansion

Panel, P-skin Plus tape

Style: 5/4 Back Zip
Size: 6/36
Wetsuit Size Charts
Color: C1 Black

Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene
Armor Skin G
MLS Muscle Lock System
EFX Expansion Panel
P-skin Plus Tape


Exclusive to NeilPryde, the EFX system allows the forearm section of the wetsuit to expand as blood flow increases to the forearms. Wetsuits with tight forearms restricts blood flow which causes cramping in the hands and forearms as lactic acid builds up. Increase your time in the water and endurance with the EFX system for the ultimate experience on the water.


Compression technology specifically made for watersports. It provides support and increases blood flow in the calves, ensuring the muscle areas are firmly braced and enables active recovery for improved endurance. This feature offers 2x more support than average neoprene material allowing you to ride longer.


Armor-Skin 2nd generation, is our exclusive neoprene that combines the warmth and wind protection of a mesh-wetsuit with the durability of a double-lined suit.

Armor-Skin was inspired by triathlon wetsuits which have to stay flexible while repelling water to minimize drag.


The most technical suit in our range and the flagship of NeilPryde's long wetsuit history.


Experience our experience.

GBS Seams

Glued and blind stitched

SCS Wrist Seal

Smooth skin neoprene forms a tight seal around the wrist to minimize water entry with maximum comfort.

YKK Zipper

High quality YKK zipper

Detachable Ancle Cinches

To hold wetsuit legs down in extreme surf

SCS Neck Seal

For a watertight seal

Lower Leg Drainages

To release water from suit legs

Deboss Knee Flex Panel

Extra flexibility in the back of the knee


The Ultimate Wind Defense