RS:X Convertible Board

The RS:X Convertible board has been developed to deliver ultimate performances in both operating modes Foil Racing and Slalom. This uncompromising board features the latest technologies and materials available today in the high-end composites industry. Capable of taking off from as little as six knots of breeze, the RS:X Convertible board will also deliver explosive fin acceleration with amazing control. The next generation of racing boards.

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- Full carbon PVC Sandwich construction using 100% Bi-axial unidirectional layers on bottom and C-Ply on deck and rails.
- Additional reinforcements on nose and fin box critical areas.
- Load transfer Carbon-Cross connecting the foil box, mass track and foot straps all together into very strong, torsion resistant structure.
- Deep Tuttle reinforced carbon box.


- Optimised volume distribution featuring a narrower and thinner tail as compared to a traditional windfoil board design. This unique shape allows the speed and control not to be compromised when using in the fin mode and rough conditions.
- Flat deck to optimize power delivery when foiling and control in fin mode.
- "Touch and go" V shape to maintain speed and facilitate the take off after touching down the surface of the water.
- Multiple footstraps position for optimal windfoil and slalom trimming while offering the best comfort as possible.

C-Ply is a multiaxial carbon reinforcement comprised of stitched plies that allow precise tailoring of the fiber angles in load directions.
This material improves the dynamic behavior and feel while further lightening the board. It prevents impact dents and delays micro cracking due to fatigue.


The mould is the lifeblood of accurate and successful composite structures. The primary objective for the construction of the new RS:X Convertible was to maximize performance while maintaining uncompromised shape consistency. The innovative use of a special vacuum and carbon mould assembly is the perfect solution to achieve hull accuracy and consistency of every single board.


Length Max Width Weight Volume Construction Foil/Fin Attachment Code
230 cm 80 cm 6.7 kg 134 lts Full Carbon Sandwich Deep Tuttle DNPRSXCB0