NeilPryde is proud to introduce its first One-Design high performance Windfoil. Developed and Made in France, the RS:X Convertible Foil features the latest technologies and is unbeatable in many areas. Extreme early take off, stability while jibing around race marks, the RS:X Convertible Foil delivers insane acceleration and upwind angles.
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Deep Tuttle Base

The RS:X Convertible hydrofoil is designed with a fully integrated Deep Tuttle base, secured by two 9mm diameter stainless steel nuts.

High-end connection

The front and tail wings are secured respectively with three and two high quality, stainless steel bolts. The wing / fuselage connection is flat to increase the connection surface. The mast is inserted into the fuselage with a conic box secured by two M6 bolts for a perfectly strong and accurate connection.

Longitudinal front wing trimming

The RS:X Convertible hydrofoil features a unique front wing adjustment system maximizing the versatility and performance while remaining fully detachable.

High-performance racing components

- Low-drag foil sections for the fuselage and mast.
- 80cm & 47cm front and rear wing spans with high-aspect ratio.
- High Performance wings with high lift to drag ratio.
- Refined chord distribution to reduce tip vortex and structural stresses on the wings.
- Progressive dihedral to increase stability and reduce yaw.


A - Front Wing close to the mast

- Reduced power.
- Maximum control with limited lift.
- More control.
- For rough conditions or while learning.

B - Front wing close to the fuselage tip-
- Maximum power.
- Early take off.
- Ultimate performances.
- For advanced users.
- Increased manoeuvrability.
Mast Front wing span Tai; wing span Base Construction Code
850 mm 80 cm 470 mm Deep Tuttle High Pressure moulded 100% prepreg carbon DNPRSXCFC