With a custom made stainless bottom piece combined with perfectly aligned angled pulleys and the exclusive MXT Mono-button system, the RS:Convertible alloy extension is the ultimate racing extension offering a wide range of trimming options. It has been designed to offer a secure, heavy duty connection and ease of operation.


Fully integrated stainless steel internal skeleton over- molded in plastic for extreme strength.

Modular design with 3 configurations:

  1. Regular cleat system with rope-start on one side and cleat on other side (sides can be reversed as needed).
  2. Adjustable downhaul as currently used on RS:X rigs where one end of the rope is cleated at the extension and the other end goes up to the boom and is adjustable on one tack (as cleat is reversible, it can be configured for either part or starboard adjustments).
  3. Cleat can be replaced by a 4th pulley for adjustment on both tacks.

MXT Clamshell Adjustment System:

  • Easy, user friendly operation in all temperatures.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction - designed to sustain high loads.
  • Positive engagement - completely unaffected by sand.
  • Increased tube strength due to the absence of any grooves.

MXT Large Release Mono-Button (MXT System)

  • For a secure, heavy-duty connection and ease of operation.
  • Works with Power M-Base.
  • Sand friendly easy connexion in all environments.

Endurance tested highest grade spectra rope for best performance, reduced friction and longevity.

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