The Objective

To develop a board that offers exciting Formula Windsurfing planing performance, while still performing well in non-planing, light-wind conditions. The board must have a huge wind range, from 3 to 30 knots. It should be suitable for all potential conditions of Olympic and qualifying regattas: low wind finishes, entry into narrow harbour ports, races in disturbed water/air conditions. The board should start to plane as early as possible.

The Design

  • Carbon Sandwich construction for the best lightweight to performance ratio. Carbon sandwich on the deck provides a stiffer and faster feel.

  • Narrow outline allows the board to be easily set on the rail for good up-wind performance.

  • Longer water line with more parallel rails helps directional stability and is more efficient through the water.

  • Convex shaping of the board's tail reduce the wetted area.

  • Single concave bottom shaping in the nose further emphasises the bite of the rail for tracking upwind.

Board Specs



Max Width




Fin Attachment

Board 286 cm 93 cm 15.5 kg 220 litres Carbon Sandwich Deep Tuttle
Dagger-board 77 cm - - - - - - Pre-Preg Glass Sandwich - -
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